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Welcome to Prestons latest Axhilerating indoor and outdoor activity.

Urban axe Throwing

Have you ever thrown a welly?
Well, axes are bit like wellies only sharper and they stick into things.
Glastonbury its not…

Hi, I’m Terry Watters

As the managing director of AXperience,
I like throwing axes: there’s a nice satisfying thwunk as they stick into the target. We would love you to come along and have the axperience for yourself. We can promise you a different and exciting event that you will truly remember…


“Amazingly good fun…”

“Really great day out…”

“Loved it. Definately going again…”

“Can’t thank the guys enough…”



We can do family sessions, group sessions, fairs, fetes and festivals. We are mobile, flexible and friendly and always “axcited” when invited to a party or a Corporate event if you have the space for us. A family can be you, your partner, kids, granny and Uncle Bob from Burnley.

Group sessions
Come with a group of friends, all 18+, and have a laugh and some banter, and go home happy.

At least one responsible adult with a group of 10 + years old kids Any other sort of group? Contact us HERE, our are always open.

Are you a member of the armed services / emergency services / an NHS worker? Call us at 07929 538804 for information on our special deals for you key worker’s for whom we have so much admiration.


Axperience Rules

Unfortunately as we use sharp instruments (axes) for the safety of everyone we have to insist on 5 simple rules.

We know that the common-sense rules will be understood by everybody but we want nevertheless to stress their importance.

If any participant refuses to adhere to the rules, unfortunately they will NOT be allowed to take part in the event.

Axperience Social Media

Join us at Axperience on our social media platforms.

We would love to see you and hear about how you enjoyed your Axperience.

As a young business, it is really important for us to hear how your day went throwing axes. Your feedback is crucial to us continually improving our business and your enjoyment thereafter.

Please DO take the time to contact us via social media or directly from the website.

If you upload your Axperience photo’s to our Instagram page you may well be the lucky recipient of a prize. Each month we choose the best photograph and let the winner know by email… GOOD LUCK.

Please don’t forget to check out our social media pages. Your feedback is vital to the success of our business.


(“Please note that although we do all we can to prevent harmful or obscene content being uploaded to our social media sites, we accept no responsibility for third-party content”) 

Please feel free to get in touch with us using this simple form (above / below) We aim to respond to all requests / enquiries within 24 hours.

Email: AdminAxperience
Phone:07929 538804

As we are a young business it is very important for us that we receive all the feedback you can give us (good or bad). By having this we will be able to improve our events our website and all the other services we are striving to provide.

Thanks for your support…

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