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Outdoor Axe throwing in Preston | 45 mins to 1.5 hour sessions



Axe throwing is an outdoor fun target sport activity.

It’s summertime !!

Because we are outdoors we are totally dependent on the weather so I only take pencil bookings and confirm on the day if the weather is iffy


Please email me HERE 

or text me on 07929 538804 to make a booking.

Pre-booking is essential! 

Hi, so you want to throw some axes?

I’m a ticketed axe throwing coach and offer one to one sessions, family and group sessions.

I deliver sessions locally at St Christophers’ Church, 851 Blackpool Road PR2 1QS or w3w ///comical.expand.builds .

Or I can bring axe throwing to you for birthday surprises, fairs, fetes, festivals, parties, team building and corporate do’s. What do you have in mind? Contact me HERE,

Charity events- If you’d like Axperience to be involved in your upcoming fund-raising event for free contact me HERE to see if we can make it work.

**Important to note: I offer an outdoor activity only, without access to toilets or refreshments, so you must come prepared with that in mind**


“Amazingly good fun…”

“Really great day out…”

“Loved it. Definitely going again…”

“Can’t thank the guys enough…”



Sessions can be 45 minutes or 1.5 hours long, depending on availability.  All sessions must be arranged by contacting me on 07929 538804 or by email HERE

One to one sessions or 2 people sessions are £35 for 45 minutes axe throwing.

Add £10 per Adult (16+) or £5 per child (below 16) on top of that.

If you are pregnant: Firstly Congratulations! Secondly, axe throwing is a low intensity activity but please please please take advice from your midwife or doctor to help you decide if you should take part, we are not doctors and can’t advise you, it’s your decision.

I suggest that group sizes do not exceed 8 persons simply because if this is your first session then you will find it hard to learn if you are swapping in and out with other throwers. Only 4 people can throw at a time as I only run 4 targets at most.

If you have any queries about your session or you want to take advantage of our Key worker discount then please contact me on 07929 538804 or HERE and I will do what I can to meet your request.

If you want to bring along a bunch of  young people (10 to 16 year old) then we need 1 responsible adult (25+) to manage the group of young people (max 6 participants). Please contact me HERE to arrange or ring me on 07929 538804.

Please note that occasionally I may have to cancel bookings due to Church events or bad weather. These events are outside my control. I should get approximately 10 days notice if a cancellation is required due to a Church event but not so much due to bad weather.

The ‘6 for 5’ deal.

‘6 for 5’ allows 6 adults (over 16’s only, id necessary) for the price of 5 for 45 minutes.

Refunds are not possible if some of your group doesn’t turn up

Are you a member of the armed services / emergency services / an NHS worker? Call me at 07929 538804 for information on our special deals for key workers.

Session Walkthrough

We start with introductions followed by the safety briefing and paperwork.

The safety briefing. You have to sign up to say you have received the safety briefing before you touch an axe.

The paperwork: Everyone has to sign the disclaimer to say they have had the safety briefing and that they accept the risks. This includes the under 16’s.

If you are late and miss the safety briefing then you cannot sign the disclaimer and you cannot join in and you will NOT get a refund. We will NOT extend your session and delay other clients.

The safety briefing and disclaimer are both on one document and require only one signature per person


Practice throws with and without sticks to make sure you can hit the target and to start to train your shoulder, arm, wrist and to look at how you stand

Axes! We start with tactical tomahawks and progress from there

Any questions? Please go to our FAQ page here

If you are lucky enough to look under 25 and you are the lead adult for a group of under 16’s then you will be asked to provide id.

Axperience Rules

Because we throw axes we have to insist on 5 simple rules for the safety of everyone.

We know that the common-sense rules will be understood by everybody but we want nevertheless to stress their importance.

If any participant refuses to adhere to the rules, unfortunately they will NOT be allowed to take part in the event and they will NOT get a refund.

If you don’t take part in the briefing then you will not be able to join in or get a refund.

A preview of the disclaimer form that you will be required to fill in can be found Here

The Rules

Please do not wear open-toed footwear as you will not be allowed on the range and you will NOT get a refund. We wouldn’t want any accident to befall you but the axes we use are sharp. Were one to fall on your toes it could be a catastrophe so in order to join in, best to wear something sturdy…

Likewise we do not allow pets along to events. They could get injured themselves or even cause an accident to participants if they happen to distract them. For everyones sake please leave your pets at home.

We warn against having children under 10 years old participate as they generally don’t have the strength to sink an axe into a target which can lead to upset and disappointment. However if you, as their guardian, are willing to accept the risk that this could happen then let’s do it

We have a zero tolerance to alcohol and drugs at any event. If a member of staff suspects that a participant is under the influence of either, they will be asked to leave. Alcohol and/or drugs don’t mix with axes.

You MUST arrive 15 minutes or more before the start of your session. If you are late and the safety briefing has already begun, you may not be able to take part and will not receive a refund.

Axperience Social Media

Join us at Axperience on our social media platforms.

We would love to see you and hear about how you enjoyed your Axperience.

As a young business, it is really important for us to hear how your session went throwing axes. Your feedback is crucial to us continually improving our business and your enjoyment thereafter.

Please DO take the time to contact us via social media or directly from the website.

Please don’t forget to check out our social media pages. Your feedback is vital to the success of our business.


(“Please note that although we do all we can to prevent harmful or obscene content being uploaded to our social media sites, we accept no responsibility for third-party content”) 

Please feel free to get in touch with us using this simple form (above / below) We aim to respond to all requests / enquiries within 24 hours.

Email: AdminAxperience
Phone:07929 538804

As we are a young business it is very important for us that we receive all the feedback you can give us (good or bad). By having this we will be able to improve our events our website and all the other services we are striving to provide.

Thanks for your support…

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